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Petroleum Resources and Development, Inc.

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Developing Environmentally Friendly Systems

At Petroleum Resources and Development, Inc., our skilled and experienced environmental construction experts will ensure the safety and integrity of your projects. You don't have to worry about completing any phase of your projects alone. From source removal to site restoration, we'll assist you with each step. This way, we can make sure all of the environmental and soil remediation work is done correctly.

Our experts strive to deliver the workmanship and professionalism you have grown to expect. Check out some of our successful projects, and discover why clients partner with us by reading below.

Our Remediation Projects

Throughout the years, our company has helped several companies keep the environment clean. Some of the most notable projects we've worked on include:

Florida Oil Company Remediation:
* Location: Altamonte Springs, Florida
* Client: Cardno ATC
* Contract Value: $283,135.00
* Completed: Summer of 2011
* A 96-Well, 15,000 Linear Foot, Dual-Phase Extraction System

CSX Railroad Spur Line:
* Location: Lakeland, Florida
* Client: AMEC
* Contract Value: $265,000.00
* Completed: Summer of 2012
* A 17,500-Ton Source Removal on Leased Property with Complete Site Restoration

USCG Clearwater:
* Location: Clearwater, Florida
* Client: Tetra Tech
* Contract Value: $185,000.00
* Completed: Summer of 2013
* A Dewatering and Source Removal That Included Building Demolition, Removal of 3,000 Tons of Impacted Soil, Portable Air Stripping, and Site Restoration
* Site Restoration Included a New Tennis and Basketball Court Facility with Security Fencing, Landscaping, and Road Replacement

Leave Your Remedial Systems to Us

As your full-service environment construction company, we promise to provide you with all the remediation equipment and services you need. Give us a call today to consult us about your pending project. We look forward to working with you!